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Jannaty Women's Social Society was established in 2010 with a vision to empower women and girls from disadvantaged BAME backgrounds so that they can improve their quality of life and those around them, resulting in stronger and developed communities.

Jannaty has a charity boutique shop on Seven Sisters road, which provides low-cost items for the local community and generates some income for our community services.  Jannaty has launched a community clothing brand; Anaqaa Apparel, which seeks to provide women with skills for life and a pathway into employment and financial independence.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Aim

To establish a friendly hub for the community

Jannaty aims to provide a safe space for its members to come together, interact, learn and develop. Our services provide a holistic support hub which supports women with various needs, from delivering health and wellbeing services such as exercise, yoga and culturally sensitive counselling, to organising social events to reduce isolation and celebrate the diverse cultures and identities of our members. We also provide one-to-one advice, signpost to specialist services and advocate on behalf of our members to create change, challenging structural and systemic barriers, discrimination and inequality.


Jannaty welcomes women and girls from all walks of life, our Islington community is rich with diversity and this is celebrated at Jannaty.

[read Jannaty's safeguarding policy here]

We Need Your Support To Make a Difference

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Our Mission

Our Vision & Mission

To remove barriers

Jannaty’s vision is to enable women and girls from disadvantaged and minoritised backgrounds to become capable, strong and independent individuals who can improve their quality of life and those around them.


Our mission is to support their growth through our services, providing skills for life, making lasting connections, improving their health and wellbeing and connecting women to a wider community to improve their prospects and open up opportunities.


Our Values

Empowerment - harnessing the power of women and their innate ability to nurture and grow themselves and those around them.

Independence – being a helping hand, not a holding hand, so women can become self-determining. 

Celebration of culture – respecting diversity, be that race, faith, culture, heritage and individual differences

Authenticity – created by women for women, in their view of what they need and how they should be supported.

Our Members

Jannaty has more than 400 members and approximately 1,000 service users in a year.

Our members are women from minoritized communities facing, multiple disadvantage, due to their gender, ethnicity, disability, faith or immigration status. Many have been victims of hate crime. Our members often experience social and economic exclusion and live in deprived areas.

From our last survey, our members describe their ethnicity as being; Arab 62%, Somali 15%, Eritrean 12%, Bangladeshi 4%, Mixed-White & black African 2%, Nigerian 2%, White other 2%, Mixed-any other 2%.

Some have health needs, in our last survey 17% stated they have a disability, 23% have a long-term health condition, 40% have medical issues.

Our members are more than just the statistics.

While many are affected by disadvantage more than a third of our members  have a degree, masters or post-graduate qualification, from their native countries. They are ambitious, hard working, and resilient, our job is to help them reach their full potential.

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