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Anaqaa Apparel

About our community clothing brand - Anaqaa Apparel
Anaqaa Apparel is a modern, modest clothing range for women and girls, which is inspired by fashion from across the world. It is a fusion of global ethnic cultures and a celebration of our diverse heritage. Our vision is to develop a clothing line which is stylish, modern, comfortable and affordable for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Anaqaa Apparel was born out of Jannaty's community sewing group and seeks to provide women in the community with skills training, employment and a pathway into a career in the modest fashion industry.

The evolution of our humble sewing group into Anaqaa Apparel is a testimony to the growth of the women in our community, who want to go beyond depending on community services to become professionals, entrepreneurs and independent business women.

Anaqaa Apparel is an ethical way to shop, all funds raised from sales go back into our charitable services. All garments are lovingly handmade and limited editions, we do not mass produce which means zero waste. We upcycle and recycle donated fabrics and trimmings to produce unique garments and reduce impact on the planet.

Anaqaa Apparel and support our community clothing brand.
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