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Celebrating our culture and diversity

At Jannaty's annual Culture day we had food from from all over the world including dishes from; Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Somalia.

We had many dishes on offer from our groups including:

Somali table shared - Tiramasu dessert, Bhajia (dumplings), Muttabbaq (pastry), Bariis iskukaris (chicken and rice).

Egyptian table shared - Roz mamar (rice cake), Feteer meshaltet (flaky pastry), Bamia (okra stew), Ful mudammas (fava beans), Koshari (pasta dish).

Ethiopian table shared - Injera (bread), Misir Wot (spicy lentils), Sinig (stuffer peppers), Wat (brown lentils)

Lebabnon and Syria table shared - Lokhia (chicken dish), Taboule (salad), Waraq Enab / Dolma (stuffed vine leaves), Falafel wrap.

Algerian and Moroccan table shared - Traditional Biscuits, Baghrir (pancake), Borek  (with meat, potato, and chicken), Tagine (lamb and couscous), Cakes, Mint Tea, Pancakes with syrup

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