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International breakfast

International breakfast

More than twenty of our members attended our international breakfast where we discussed activities over the coming months and spoke to some women individually about additional needs they have which Jannaty will support with.

Understanding health research

Jannaty is working with the National Institute for Health and Care Research which seeks to understand where people go for health and support, public awareness about research, clinical trials and to make people aware of opportunities to participate at their local GP practice. Members took part in this meeting where we discussed fears and concerns around research.

Research is important in order to create new treatments. Research with the general public helps to dispel, fears, clarify concerns, share knowledge in order to improve awareness and support individuals wanting to participate in research opportunities and trials. Learn more about research here:

We thank all our members who attended our session which finished off nicely with a cake to celebrate the Moroccan team's entry into the quarter finals of the world cup!

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