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Research on household overcrowding

Jannaty has been working with UCL to conduct research on the impact of 'Household Overcrowding and Wellbeing'. This research aims to define and identify household over

crowding and the impact on the wellbeing of families.

This includes identifying;

1. Condition of the house

2. Impact on their physical health

3. Impact on their mental health and wellbeing

4. Life chances – employment prospects, studying difficulties for children

Some of the case studies shared their difficulties which included;

  • Overcrowding resulting in mothers sharing rooms and beds with children

  • Severe damp, mould growth in homes where there is existing, or developed health and breathing problems.

  • Mice infestation leading to families unable to cook, skipping meals, or eating unhealthy food, having to spend money on eating out.

  • Mental health problems in parents and children having no ability to change their circumstances, no space to study, play or relax.

Jannaty is hopes that UCL's research and other research taking place to review the current state of housing in the UK creates a changes which local families can benefit from soon.

If you are affected by damp and mould in your home report it immediately to your landlord. See also information on Shelter's website which may be helpful:

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