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Free face masks for the community

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Local communities received free handmade face masks to protect them from COVID-19

As part of Jannaty’s response to COVID-19 we produced reusable face masks for our members, users and the wider community. They were also distributed by Finsbury Park Women’s Group, a group made up of 8 women’s organisations which Jannaty is a part of and was the leading organisation for this project.

The project aims to provide training and income generation for the members taking part as they will gain new skills and increase their chances of employment (we work closely with Fashion Enter and this project will give our member an opportunity to join It will also give participants a sense of achievement, increase their confidence and address isolation and exclusion as they will be part of a community effort and connected with their peers whom they have not seen since the lockdown has come in to practice.

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